Easier access to greater insight

People Test Systems exists to provide an easier access and use of state-of-the-art test tools, that gives a more nuanced and valid picture of test persons while being affordable to apply.

Optimise your recruitment, retention and management with our test tools

Since the beginning of the 1990’s, People Test Systems have developed and delivered professional test tools for organisations in both private and public sectors, nationally and globally. We possess a high level of professional competence, focusing on the increasing demands for identifying and mapping talent and potential on all levels in an organisation. We educate, certify and offer further education for users and secure, that they have the necessary qualities and understandings for the different test tools, so they can be used on a high, professional level – creating value for your organisation.
Personality and behavioural test

People Test Person is a well-documented personality test which is applicable for, among others, recruitment, personal development and value-creation for employees and leaders.

Intelligence and skill set test

People Test Logic is an expanded intelligence test, which provides a detailed profile of the candidate’s intelligence and logistic competences in eight different areas as well as a calculation of the candidate’s intelligence score.

Personality and skill set test

People Test Basic provides an easy and nuanced image of the candidate’s behavior and skills. People Test Basic is a precise and efficient test for employees on an operational level.

Test tool

People Test Team is a tool for composition and development of high performance teams. The team tool is applicable in the start-up of a new team as well as making an existing team function ideally.

People Test X-tend (ptx)

Personality and Risk Behaviour Analysis

People Test X-tend (PTX) is an extended personality test with a special focus on risk behaviour based on the latest research on dark personality traits, developed to measure work-related behaviour and proven to be free from bias and adverse impact.

Management assessment

People Test 360° is a professional 360 degree measuring tool for the evaluation and development of leaders. People Test 360° provides a thorough image of how the leader is perceived from multiple levels throughout the organisation.