Meet People Test Systems

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Behind People Test Systems you will find a team of strong profiles who raise the quality of our testing tools and support a professional HR practice as a unit. At our office, you will meet nerdy experts with various areas of interest – everything from psychometry and IT development to assessment and certification. We strive to stay updated on the latest knowledge and love to get involved in interesting debates that can contribute to new thoughts and ideas about our passion for recruitment, management, and employee development.

A thing we all have in common, and most importantly, is how we all go to work with a smile and are very passionate about what we do.

I have met and had a soda with Pelé at the Maracanã stadium in Brazil.
Anne-Marie Friborg
Chief Commercial Officer
I've climbed most summits all over Europe - and not to be forgotten; I have a great interest in champagne and "rum balls" (a delicious danish cake)
Allan Bjørn
Managing Director
I have played basketball all my life, even though I am the world's smallest on the court.
Cecilie Mernild
Business Analyst
I love both skiing and hunting! And I played Lysander (a big role in a famous danish play) back in the days
Christian Bech Korshøj
Head of Customer Success
I've played drums in a metal band and have a great passion for football (Vamos Barcelona!!)
Dennis Hvass
Psychometrician and Occupational Psychologist
I'm a bit of a flag nerd. Friends and family will probably blame that to my huge time spent at FIFA on PlayStation in my youth, when footballers from all corners of the world performed with nationality
Emil Lund Tidemand
Marketing Coordinator
I'm a huge Swiftie (Taylor Swift fan)! In fact, I was in the top 0.5% of her listeners on Spotify in 2020, where I had listened to her song 'Peace' for 3,700 minutes
Freyja Perdomo
Marketing Coordinator
I collect Harry Potter Lego and tell myself it's for my children's sake...
Helene Hoppe Revald
Head of Test Development and Occupational Psychologist
Today I never touch a piano! Maybe that's because I played 3 hours a day from the age of 5 until I turned 13.
Iben Mollerup Skov
Head of Delivery
I perform the famous dance "the worm" utterly excellent.
Ilya Anthony Jensen
Customer Success Manager
I have a huge passion for books in personal development and I'm always ready to help you answer one of life's big questions.
Lisa Dalsgaard
Project Manager
At the age of 42 I started Kyokushin Karate. A karate form that is termed as one of the toughest karate styles and is characterized by its realistic full contact fighting style.
Lisette Zangger Nilsson
Business Supporter
They always stop me at the security checkpoint at the airport and it is not only in Copenhagen - it's ALL the airports
Lotte Amfelt
Certification coordinator
Louise Monnerup
Senior Product Specialistand Occupational Psychologist
When I was a kid I finished 3rd at the Danish Championship in Ponygames. Ponygames are a discipline where various relay games are ridden.
Maria Roed
Senior Sales Executive
I love watercolor painting, and you can find it in all the homes of my family members, where my "art" is exhibited!
Marie-Louise Rasmussen
Marketing Manager
Mathias Døhl
Senior Developer
For many years I've had a childish competition going on with my brother about who has visited the most countries - at the moment, I've visited more than 50 countries and lived in 5 of them
Mette Monique Pilemand
Chief Consultant
In my spare time, I let my artistic freedom loose as a LoFi music producer
Morten Bormeth
Senior Developer
I started my sales career as a duvet salesman with Lars Larsen in former East Germany, back in 1993 (and still speak German).
Morten Harboe
Sales Manager
I became a "winter swimmer" when I was only 10 years old (but I am not anymore), and I made the whole family go with me, because I was not of legal age and therefore not allowed to go alone...
Nanna Bak Skytte
Lead Psychometrician and Occupational Psychologist
I've spent more than 20,000 hours in a swimming pool, back when I was an elite swimmer
Sarah Sejr Aagaard
Business Analyst
I have spent almost 1.5 years of my life in the United States where I went to school in California for a year.
Sille Jensen
I am Colombian and speak fluent Spanish.