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People Test 360°

People Test 360° is a professional 360 degree measuring tool for the evaluation and development of leaders. People Test 360° provides a thorough image of how the leader is perceived from multiple levels throughout the organisation. The leadership evaluation gives a nuanced image of the leader’s strengths and weaknesses and benchmarks the leader’s own performance with the best performers within the company.

About People Test 360°


Leaders with employee responsibility.


People Test 360° is a fast and precise evaluation of leader performances and thereby a valuable tool for companies, that highly prioritise development of organisation and management.


The tool provides an accurate and clear view of performances within business- and employee management, development, communication and collaboration. The measurement starts with 50 statements evaluated by leaders, equals and employees and as well as the candidate himself/herself.


People Test 360° clarifies and provides knowledge of both known and unknown strengths and weaknesses within essential leader competencies.

People Test 360° provides value for

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It takes a minimum of preparation to accomplish the People Test 360°. It is fast and easy to complete, and it prioritises results after significance and relevance. People Test 360° only uncovers the most necessary information, which provides an easy, accessible insight into the leader. It is possible to benchmark results in comparison with the latest measurements and the company’s other leaders.


People Test 360° places a mirror in front of the leader which shines a bright light on both known and unknown competencies and weaknesses. It uncovers eventual contradictions between self-perception and the surrounding’s perception of the leader, and it provides clear indications of necessary areas of development.


With People Test 360°, the company gets a dashboard of the leader’s competencies and thereby an overview of where it would be profitable to focus in order to strengthen the corporation. People Test 360° generates precise knowledge and insight, which becomes tangible through multiple ways of displaying the results.

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