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People Test Team

People Test Team is a tool for composition and development of high performance teams. The team tool is applicable in the start-up of a new team as well as making an existing team function ideally. During the certification course you will obtain knowledge of how to compose a well-functioning team and how to handle and work with the challenges that typically appear when team members are unalike.

About People Test Team


Leaders and employees with white-collar jobs and upward.


People Test Team is an effective tool for optimisation of existing teams as well as creating new teams.


People Test Team creates a quick overview based on measures in comparison to 6 fundamental team characters.


The tool is a combination of a nuanced personality test and a team test. People Test Team clearly and easily provides an image of the candidate’s attributes in connection with teams, and to what extent. Additionally, it provides a thorough indication of the team members’ tolerance and understanding towards each other.

People Test Team provides value for

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The tool uniquely indicates how the team members communicate and what it takes to optimise the collaboration. Furthermore, it provides the management with a clear understanding of how the team recruting process should be, looking-forward, in order to achieve an effective and goal-oriented high performance team.


People Test Team creates clarity of own resources and how they can be implemented in the team in the best way. Additionally, it provides an understanding of how the team members contribute and what their motivation is. Hereby, it creates the conditions for optimal collaboration.


The perfect employees do not exist, but a team has the potential. People Test Team provides the team leaders with an unique insight into the team dynamics. The tool specifies which type of motivation and guidance that leads to better performances, and thereby creates the foundation for high performance teams.

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