People Test Logic

The People Test Logic (PTL) certification provides the competencies to analyse and understand the candidate’s cognitive capacity by measuring both skills and intelligence. The certification provides knowledge about human abilities and skills, and how they unfold in a work environment. After the certification, the certified person will be qualified to interpret the test result in-depth and put it into a work context, as well as provide value-creating feedback to the candidate.

PTL Certification

Target group

The target group for the PTL certification includes managers, HR professionals and consultants who want an insight on how to measure intelligence, logical capacity and skill level and how these can affect performance.

The analysis is used in connection with daily management, performance optimisation, competence development, change management and recruitment.


The certification will introduce:


Theory and tools, dialogue, examples, exercises and practical application. To ensure optimal use and value creation of the personality test, People Test Logic, there is a preliminary theoretical exam and a final practical exam.

Value creation

With the certification, you will gain competences related to:


… to do qualified assessments of a test person’s intelligence, logical capacity and skills, as well as their performance in relation to relevant positions


… to advise about the person’s prerequisites and opportunities for optimal solutions regarding work tasks and projects


… to act as a sounding board for the test person in terms of how they can use their abilities in the best way to ensure their own success and optimal communication with others

Practical information


Theoretical preparation

Theoretical e-learning on our online learning platform, People Test Academy, with a subsequent online theoretical exam. The certification course’s theoretical preparation lasts approx. 4–6 hours.


Physical attendance course

Physical attendance course with a final practical exam. The physical attendance course lasts one day and is held at People Test Systems’ headquarters.