Personality and Risk Behaviour Analysis

People Test x-tend

Get the foundation to put good management on the agenda with People Test X-tend (PTX) in hand, which can be used in relational positions where you have significant influence on others (especially management), for recruitment, team composition, culture fit and personal development.

PTX is an extended personality test with a special focus on risk behaviour based on the latest research on dark personality traits, developed to measure work-related behaviour and proven to be free from bias and adverse impact.

PTX generates a nuanced risk profile based on nine dark personality traits, which creates the foundation for a dialogue about management style and personal influence.

About People Test x-tend


Directors, managers, consultants, sales people and other relational positions


The personality and risk behaviour analysis is used for recruitment, team composition, culture fit and personal development in organisations that focus on risk behaviour in high impact positions


It is a supplement to the person analysis, providing a picture of the test taker’s risk behaviour based on three main traits and nine attributes


The personality and risk behaviour analysis provides insight into the extent to which the test taker will typically engage in risky behaviour that harms others or themselves

People Test x-tend provides value for

Test user

The risk profile adds an extra layer to the personality test and provides a quick overview of behavioural traits that may be problematic in relational positions.


People Test X-tend provides self-insight into behaviours that affect one’s surroundings and that in certain situations and positions may be problematic for either others or yourself to succeed.


The personality test is used by a number of C20 companies, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises and the public sector. It accurately identifies employee attributes and helps ensure that the right people with the right competencies are in charge of different areas of responsibility within the company.

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