One platform
with access to
all testing tools

The interactive form combined with easy distribution has made People Test Systems’ testing platform, People Test Match, an indispensable system that is popular in both national and international HR departments and among several leading recruitment agencies. People Test Systems continuously develops People Test Match to keep pace with technological advancements, remain user-friendly, and meet the needs of our customers. 

One platform -
many possibilities

Our clients distribute and access tests in People Test Match. The testing platform makes it easy and intuitive for the test taker to complete a test and for the test user to work with various testing tools. With People Test Match, one only needs to access one platform to administer and work with analyses.

With the testing platform, it’s possible to create and save job profiles for the position being recruited for. These job profiles can be shared across departments. People Test Systems’ professional team, based on their years of experience, has developed various templates for job profiles segmented by industry and job level. These templates are freely available to users of People Test Match and can also be customized for their own job profiles. People Test Match also enables comparison of test results, providing a clear picture of different team members’ profiles.

People Test Match optimizes recruitment processes, for example by automatically notifying the test user when a test is completed. People Test Match is SaaS (Software as a Service). In short, this means that users access the platform via the internet. The platform is hosted in a data center staffed 24 hours a day. People Test Match is available in both Danish and English.

You can access our testing platform, People Test Match, directly via this link.