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Would you like to increase your knowledge about relevant, HR-related topics and get updated on our latest statistical studies based on data from our test platform? These articles will give you insight and inspiration regarding recruitment, management and development, that you can implement today. 

A good job analysis, done quickly

A good job analysis is absolutely essential to finding the right candidate for the job and avoiding expensive bad hires. It can be difficult to

Untrustworthy test results?

In about 6% of all personality tests, the candidate’s responses are described as unreliable. When this happens, we generally recommend performing a retest. Learn more about how to assess the credibility of a test and how to correctly set up a retest.

Deep level diversity: diversity & inclusion

Diversity and inclusion were the particular areas of focus in our latest statistical study. This article outlines the main points from the study, along with a number of good tips on how you can use functions in People Test Match to examine diversity and identify strengths, weaknesses and potential conflicts in both existing and future teams.

Deep level diversity: generations

The age distribution in the workforce has been changing. With the advent of the youngest generation – the Zs – and the prospect of an ever-increasing retirement age for the oldest – Baby Boomers – there are now as many as four different generations within the job market.

Manipulation of test results

For as long as psychometric test tools have been used for recruitment, one question has been central: Can test results be manipulated?

How to avoid bias in your recruitment

Unscious bias is a collective term for the implicit assumptions and prejudiced attitudes that operate when we examine information and make decisions. Unconscious bias therefore weakens our ability to make informed, rational decisions – and what is even worse is that it happens completely automatically, without us being aware of it.

Dream candidate

What do you do when the dream candidate doesn’t show up? It’s always a good idea to create a job profile, even if no candidates match it. A Matchscore can quickly and easily reveal that none of the candidates match the initial requirements and allow you to ensure a successful recruitment. Here’s our best advice.

How to provide good virtual feedback

One of the most effective weapons against the coronavirus pandemic has proven to be limiting our social contact, both in the private sphere and at work. To keep the pandemic in check, many people have changed the way they normally work.