Personality and behavioural test

People Test Person

People Test Person is a well-documented personality test which is applicable for, among others, recruitment, personal development and value-creation for employees and leaders. People Test Person provides a thorough and nuanced image of the candidate’s personality and behavior, since the personality test covers 12 overall characteristics and 36 subjacent qualities. The recruiting- and test tool is developed over 12 years and is used by a series of national and international corporations. Achieve a faster indication and deeper insight into your leaders’ and employees’ potential.

About People Test Person


CEOs, leaders and employees with white-collar jobs and upwards.


People Test Person is used for recruiting, personal development and as a management tool. Furthermore, it is a natural device for corporations that focus on performance-oriented assignments.


The personality test specifies a nuanced indication of the candidate based on 12 overall characteristics and 36 attributes.


The test even includes measurements of to what extent, the candidate takes responsibility, has a constructive attitude and a realistic evaluation of own abilities.

People Test Person provides value for

Test user

People Test Person saves time without compromising on quality. The test systematises the results, makes them clear and thereby quickly shows the most relevant and significant attributes.


People Test Person is a valuable tool for self-knowledge and mapping one’s strengths. The test indicates and creates awareness about, what drives the individual and what it takes to realise the candidate’s full potential.


People Test Person is the personality test that is applied by multiple C20-corporations. With great precision, it uncovers the employees’ abilities and thereby ensures, that the right people with the right set of skills cover the different areas of responsibility within the company.

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