Intelligence and skill set test

People Test Logic

People Test Logic is an expanded intelligence test, which provides a detailed profile of the candidate’s intelligence and logistic competences in eight different areas as well as a calculation of the candidate’s intelligence score.

The overall intelligence score provides an image of, the candidate’s level of cleverness.

The nine different areas indicate in which areas in particular the candidate differs and the test thereby provides a more nuanced image of the person’s proficiency and intelligence with the purpose of identifying the candidate’s problem-solving ability and -strategy.

About People Test Logic


CEOs, leaders and employees with white-collar jobs and upward.


Ideal for companies that, besides an insight into the employees’ skills and work style, also wish to identify their full potential through a bigger understanding of the employees’ work methods.


An exact measurement of intelligence quotient, insight into problem-solving ability and problem-solving strategy based on measurements of 9 intelligence- and skill parameters.


The intelligence- and proficiency test measures the candidate’s learning ability and method and his/hers capability to stay organised and solve complex assignments. Instead of multiple different tests, PTL is one thorough test that saves time without compromising on quality.

People Test Logic provides value for

Test user

The intelligence test shows the candidate’s ability to familiarise themselve with new tasks, solve them correctly and efficiently and understand complex correlations both tactically and strategically.


People Test Logic expands the insight into own strengths and abilities, including the relationship between ambitions and capacity. People Test Logic clearly indicates and identifies the best match between competencies and success-criteria.


The test measures parameters that are crucial for the candidate’s contribution to the development of the company. Furthermore, it provides a clear indication of how fast the investment of a new employee provides a return.

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