Have you applied and now need to complete a test using one or more of our tools? You can find information about our tools and good advice on how to prepare for the tests right here.

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If you need to complete several of our tools, the order may differ slightly depending on where and how you need to complete the various tests. If you receive a link to both tests, it is typically up to you in which order you would like to complete them, we always recommend taking a short break between them.

When a candidate is measured on cognitive abilities in a recruitment context, it is to uncover the match between the candidate’s capacity and the complexity of the work tasks, and to ensure that the candidate’s strengths can be put to use in the job.

The way a candidate behaves is important for task performance, cooperation with colleagues and the contribution to the culture in the team as well as within the organisation. Measuring personality in a recruitment context is therefore about ensuring the right match for the position, the team and the organisation.

Why use testing in recruitment?

Testing in recruitment has become increasingly common in the context of recruitment. Especially intelligence- and skill-testing have become more and more common recently.

Testing is one of the most effective tools used to examine different aspects of an individual and to gain a comprehensive overview of them. Research shows that testing is one of the best tools for finding out how well a person fits into a given position – and of course the organisation.

The purpose of the test is primarily to form a basis for further dialogue and to learn more about you as a person – how you act in different situations, what motivates you, and when you particularly need support or feedback. It is not to put people in boxes or label people as stupid or particularly gifted. Therefore, do not consider the testing as an exam, but as a way for the company to learn more about what sets you apart, and why they should choose you for the position.