People Test Basic

People Test Basic (PTB) certification will provide the competencies to analyse and understand a candidates behavior, personality traits and skills. The PTB analysis is a unique and easy-to-understand combination test. The test provides an overview of the candidate’s behaviour and measures the fundamental skills, that may be relevant to the job that the analysis is used in connection with. The certification provides the certified user with the qualifications to interpret test results in-depth and provide value-creating feedback to the candidate.

PTB Certification

Target group

The PTB certification’s target group is managers, consultants and HR professionals who want to gain an insight into employees’ behaviour and skill level. The PTB analysis is primarily used for new graduates who are paid by the hour or on a low-level salary, in connection with recruitment processes, job satisfaction, development and performance optimisation.


The certification will introduce:


Theory and tools, dialogue, examples, exercises and practical application. To ensure optimal use and value creation, there is a preliminary theoretical exam and a final practical exam on the People Test Basic analysis.

Value creation

Through the certification, you will gain necessary competences in:


… making the company’s recruitment more efficient


… targeting the company’s management


… optimising employee performance

Practical information


Theoretical preparation

Theoretical e-learning on our online learning platform People Test Academy, with subsequent theoretical online exam. The theoretical preparation for the second part of the certification course lasts approx. 5–7 hours.


Physical attendance course

Practical attendance course with a final practical exam. The physical attendance course lasts one day and is held at People Test Systems’ headquarters.