23. maj 2022

5 steps to ensure best practice in your recruitment process

Structure your recruitment process with 5 simple steps to minimise bias and increase the likelihood of the making the new employee succeed.

We have prepared a guide that will help you become even better at finding the perfect person for the job.

Download the full guide here and read a summary of the main points in this newsletter.

The guide gives you insight into a recruitment process that consider best practice.

It is built around 5 steps and aims to ensure that all candidates are assessed on an equal professional basis, so that the final candidate is selected based on how their personal attributes match job requirements – and not what personal attributes we prefer or have ourselves.

Meanwhile, the 5 steps give you a structured process that not only helps you find the right candidate, but also offers insights on how the person will perform on the job.

Below is a brief summary of the 5 steps we recommend in a recruitment process

1. Prioritise competences
Together with the people involved in the recruitment process (e.g. hiring manager), select the 4-6 competences you consider the most important for your future employee to have

2. Create a job profile
Based on the selected competences, create a job profile in People Test Match.

3. Use a standardised question guide based on the job profile
Based on the job profile, you can access a structured interview guide, which is based on the competences you have prioritised.

4. Analyse the test result
Once the candidate’s test is complete, the test result should be analysed based on the following parameters: Validity – Credibiity, overall Match score, and Match scores on job-relevant competences.

5. Prepare the onboarding
Use the insights from test results, feedback, and interviews to understand what motivates and drives the candidate you end up choosing and to create a tailored onboarding plan that gives the candidate the best conditions to succeed and perform in the job.

You can never guarantee that a candidate will be successful in a workplace. Humans are complex beings, and how they function in a new context is never 100% predictable. Life changes that have an impact on how the candidate performs in the workplace can always occur.

However, if you follow these 5 steps, you will assess the candidates on more objective terms and increase the likelihood of the candidate being successful.

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