My mantra is: ‘The world wants to be deceived!’

Deception or manipulation is often perceived as something dark and unethical. But what about the “positive” manipulation that is for the common good, that comes from a kind heart and that is intended to protect, persuade or guide?

After many years as a salesperson, business owner, and manager, I have to believe that the essence of manipulation is about intent – after all, isn’t that what sales, branding, and management is all about? Simple manipulation? An attempt to convince, motivate or guide another person about the right decisionfor them (but also for me and my organisation)?

So what does it take to be a skilled manipulator, and what can we say about the motives behind it? These are some of the questions that this report answers, and that I hope will encourage reflection on how to find the manipulator with the right values for the next sales or management job.

What about the manipulated part? Some may be provoked by being directed or seduced, whereas others will thrive on being led and guided – steered towards the ‘right’ choice. When we view the manipulator from a positive perspective, with noble intentions, this part also takes responsibility. A responsibility to make the ‘right’ choice – for all parties. So my mantra holds true:

The world wants to be deceived – and it will be! Enjoy!

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