Transformation in Progress

We live in a time where transformation has become commonplace. People have always been required to relate and adjust to new times and new circumstances, but the speed with which changes occur has increased markedly.

At a time when the green transition is a necessity, globalisation is a reality, and digital development in the form of big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning is maturing markedly, our mindsets are being tested, and we are constantly challenged to keep up.

We cannot rely on business as usual or the easiest way. We must develop as people and as organisations. Here, it is crucial that we do not allow ourselves to be tempted to follow the herd and let developments pull us along mindlessly. A good transformation calls for strategy and a cool overview – but also flexibility and action.

We all have a responsibility to ensure that our competences are brought into play at the right time, and we must recognise each other’s contributions to the process. But the greatest responsibility lies with management. They must bring about successful transformations by creating meaning and engaging their employees in just the right way, at just the right time.

Today, all leadership is about change – just as all change is about leadership. In this study, we focus on the successful transformation and what characterises the leadership required to implement it.


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